Children's Dentistry

There is no better way than starting your child’s dental experience with smiles, a fun ride in the dental chair and counting their teeth. 

We recommend children to come to the dentist for a happy experience, for their first visit starting at 12 months. 

Maintaining regular checkups with their dentist will help to create a bond of trust between your child and their practitioner. 

Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to talk about the optimal way to manage your child’s ever changing dental needs. 


A popular preventative treatment for children is fissure sealants. Ask about fissure sealants at your child’s next appointment. 


Here at Hampton Dental Centre we are lucky enough to have an amazing team of Oral Health Therapists (OHTs) who specialise in working with children’s oral health.

Some children are eligible for bulk billing dental care, and some health funds also provide 100% cover for children’s checkup and clean appointments. 

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Also, in case you were looking for some more information on fissure sealants. 



What is a fissure sealant?


A fissure sealant is a plastic film that is applied to the grooves (fissures) of the back teeth where tooth decay commonly starts. Chewing surfaces of teeth have natural pits and fissures that dental decay commonly occurs in; however, toothbrush bristles are too thick to reach these grooves. Bacteria live in these grooves, digest food particles, release an acid and in turn cause decay. The steps of a sealant are: we make sure we clean the tooth surface and keep it dry, place tooth shampoo to ensure the sealant sticks, wash it off, place the plastic coating sealant and use an ultraviolet light to set. At the end we check that it feels even and may buff the sealant to make sure it feels smooth. 


fissure sealant Hampton Dental Centre

For more information on Children's dentistry please watch the video below featuring Michelle- One of our Oral Health Therapists.