Emergency Dental

We understand that even though healthy tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body, compromised teeth can become very brittle. 

Broken teeth can quickly become a painful dental emergency leading to toothache and/or infection. 


Broken teeth, toothaches & painful ulcers are all types of dental emergencies. 

If you have any type of dental emergency please phone us and our friendly staff will attend to you as soon as possible 03 9598 0033

Why choose us?

We have been servicing the bayside community since 1988. 

We have a professional friendly team of highly qualified dentists, oral health therapists, dental hygienists, assistants and reception staff. We are an ADA accredited clinic and we take pride in our exceptional standards of quality treatment, infection control and customer service skills. 

Our team is always smiling and waiting to help you, so call us on 03 9598 0033 or BOOK ONLINE. 


372 Hampton St, Hampton VIC 3188, Australia

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